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Jellies - from the initial drawing to the finished product

 At the start of every HARIBO jelly, there is a creative idea from a product designer. And this is initially all hand made. Every innovation in the HARIBO product range is first put onto paper by hand in the form of a sketch.

Computers and milling


The hand drawing is then scanned into a computer and converted into a precise three-dimensional sample drawing. The data of this sample drawing is sent to a high-tech milling machine which mills the new jelly shape into a plaster mould. This prototype is then used to create a reusable mould for production that can be used to create as many plaster stamps as necessary.

Powder boxes and plaster stamps

Puderkästen Gipsstempel

Flat boxes, filled to the brim with a fine, smoothly levelled starch powder are transported along a conveyor belt and stamped by hundreds of plaster stamps that come down from above. The impressions made by the stamps leave holes in the starch powder.

These boxes continue along the conveyor belt to the next stage of production, where nozzles inject a hot, liquid jelly mixture into the holes, taking just a fraction of a second. Before you know it, several hundred jellies have been created.


The finishing touches

Das letzte "Make-up"

After a relatively long drying process in drying rooms, the jellies receive a coating of beeswax and carnauba wax to give them a nice sheen and prevent them from sticking together.

Now the jellies are ready to be weighed automatically by the packaging machine and packed into bags. They are then sent out to customers around the world.


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