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2013 – Final Farewell to an Extraordinary Businessman

Dr Hans Riegel Passed Away at the Age of 90

On 15 October 2013, Dr Hans Riegel passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of ninety.   

After the Second World War, Hans Riegel Jr. and his brother Paul Riegel started the difficult task of rebuilding the HARIBO company, which their father Hans Riegel had founded in Bonn in 1920.

Dr Hans Riegel continued at the helm of the HARIBO company for 67 years, making him Germany's oldest serving CEO. It is therefore not surprising that this continuity in management style had the greatest effect on the management of the HARIBO brand.
Dr Hans Riegel's creativity and determination were a major influence on the confectionery industry in Germany and beyond for decades.

Dr Hans Riegel dedicated his life to HARIBO, passionately pursuing the vision that the HARIBO brand should bring a ray of sunshine into people's everyday lives right until the end.


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