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2012 - New ways to benefit fans of the brand

The new HARIBO app combines fun and games with useful tools for everyday life!

Whether you are looking for a weather forecast, Goldbear delivery service, a souvenir photo or fun games to pass the time, the HARIBO Goldbear offers all of these features in a single free app… Following the successful launch of the HARIBO app in May 2012 for Apple iOS, this entertaining app has also been available since February 2013 for smartphones with an Android operating system.

The app focuses on the beloved HARIBO Goldbear (as an animated 3-D character), who plays the role of a good-natured friend and companion on the mobile end device. He offers a wide range of amusing and useful features to liven up the user’s everyday routines.

The new HARIBO app offers a fully functional weather application. In order to make sure you can really rely on its forecasts, the HARIBO app uses weather data from MeteoGroup. With WeatherPro, the app-experienced weather pros are developing one of the most successful weather apps on the market.

The HARIBO Goldbear is also a fun playmate for people old and young, making it almost impossible not to play with him! Touching the screen causes him to respond with a wide range of animations. Gradually discovering all of the animations will be entertaining for HARIBO fans both big and small…

Whether you are on vacation or out with friends, the augmented-reality technology means the HARIBO Goldbear is always ready to take a funny picture! Just choose a pose for the Goldbear, adjust his size and position for the real-life image, and take the picture. Unforgettable souvenir photos guaranteed.


And last but not least: the fastest, easiest Goldbear delivery service of all time!

As we’re sure you know, HARIBO Goldbears come in six delicious flavors (apple, pineapple, raspberry, strawberry, lemon and orange), and every HARIBO fan has a personal favorite. Now you can easily have that favorite flavor delivered right to your door, using the new HARIBO app – any time, and from anywhere in Europe! From now on, no matter when or where you feel the urge to snack on your favorite Goldbears, the new HARIBO app means you’re just a few clicks away from a convenient, easy Goldbear delivery…

The beaming HARIBO Goldbear is sure to spread joy to the whole family!

90 years of HARIBO Goldbears - 90 years of joy and pleasure!

The world-famous Goldbears have been on everyone’s lips for 90 years now, and they are proud to celebrate their 90th birthday – their name is synonymous with fruit gums!

Who hasn’t heard of the legendary HARIBO Goldbears? Generations of people love them and have grown up with them. Today, Goldbears are still sweet little daily companions, offering golden moments of joy and pleasure for every sweet tooth. The HARIBO Goldbears haven’t aged a bit – they are still “good enough to eat,” and even in the 21st century they are still flying off the candy shelves – a dynamic, young, up-to-date and beary delicious path to a promising future! 

Just in time for the 90th birthday of this famous honoree, HARIBO is celebrating the Goldbears with a limited, high-profile special edition of the 200 and 300 g packages. The current Goldbears bag, along with two of its best-known nostalgic predecessors from 1959 and 1979, feature historic looks that are sure to get attention.

HARIBO opens new factory outlet in Neuss

HARIBO fans big and small can now look forward to a new HARIBO factory outlet in Neuss. As of today, there is now an outlet at every HARIBO production site in Germany!

With a festive ceremony, Arndt Rüsges (Managing Director, HARIBO), Stephan Vollmer (MAOAM Plant Manager in Neuss) and Frank Wolters (Head of Business Development for the City of Neuss) opened the latest of HARIBO’s five factory outlets.

The store, measuring 600 m², offers tons of shopping fun for young and old: a “candy bar” where you can combine your favorite sweets (more than 100 different HARIBO products), HARIBO souvenirs and the entire range of HARIBO products – more than 600 items! A relaxed atmosphere where HARIBO fans are sure to find their heart’s desire!


Fruchtgummi Herstellung

How the Goldbears get into the bag!

Find out more about production

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