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2009 – A year of ups and downs


JUICY GOLD-BEARS with a proportion of 22 percent fruit juice and their juicy, soft consistency are an extension to the product line. They are available in apple, pear, raspberry, peach, lime and black currant. This product, which is currently only available in Europe, has received numerous awards.


Paul Riegel dies at the age of 83

Co-owner Paul Riegel died in August 2009 suddenly and unexpectedly. Paul Riegel, who took on his father's business after the war along with his brother Dr. Hans Riegel, was responsible for production and technology at HARIBO. As a well-practiced tinkerer he had developed many of the machines himself and implemented them in the company workshop. The most famous inventions include the Licorice Wheel winding machine.

In the Bonn region and beyond, Paul Riegel was involved in numerous social projects and organizations.

Many years earlier, with the future of the company in mind, he had transferred his shares in the company into the Paul-Riegel-Holding which is continued by his children.

Dr. Hans Riegel is included in the “Légion d’Honneur”

The French exterior ministry included Dr. Hans Riegel as a "Chevalier" in the so-called "legion of honor", an honor that has been awarded to very few foreigners. The "legion of honor" founded by Napoléon, is the highest award that France is able to offer. HARIBO France, with its headquarters in Marseille, is the leading confectionery manufacturer in France and employs around 850 people in Marseille, Uzès (Gard) and at the "Musée du Bonbon“ (Uzès).

Dr. Hans Riegel receives the "Das große goldene Ehrenzeichen der Republik Österreich“ award.

On 27th December 2009, the first Vice Governor Hermann Schützenhöfer honored the HARIBO boss Dr. Hans Riegel with the "Großen Goldenen Ehrenpreis der Republik Österreich" for his decades of involvement both for and in Austria.

HARIBO Austria, with its headquarters in Linz, produces numerous sweet treats for Austria, Switzerland and the Eastern European countries. Important advertisements have been filmed with the HARIBO advertising partner Thomas Gottschalk in the Steiermark region.

Clearly pleased by the award, Dr Hans Riegel said “You can speak of a well loved home!”, during his speech of thanks.

Dr. Hans Riegel, until his death in October 2013, was the managing director of the HARIBO Group which has its main headquarters in Bonn. The brand HARIBO was introduced onto the Austrian market in 1977, initially in the form of a sales organisation. After HARIBO purchased Panuli Bonbon Ges.m.b.H. in Linz in 1989 they began their own production under the name HARIBO LAKRITZEN Hans Riegel Betriebsgesellschaft mbH.

Dr. Hans Riegel expands the family company HARIBO with dedication to a worldwide leading confectionery manufacturer in the fruit gum and licorice sector.

HARIBO goes mobile

In 2009, HARIBO was the first confectionery producer in Europe to put an App online in the App Store. The GOLD-BEARS App was not to remain the sole HARIBO application for long. The success of the application encouraged HARIBO to develop and release a further application.


Fruchtgummi Herstellung

How the Goldbears get into the bag!

Find out more about production

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